Friday, February 17, 2012

New game ideas!

I been working secretly with this one for a short time now. No game design will be adressed just yet since I need to put it down on paper. But trust me, got a lot of ideas on this one.
So this should be a mock up for the stage or level, if you wish. Here you see what could be one faction's units. To the right side you see the players castle, which the player defend fiercely. These are just sketches just yet so animations and clean ups will be posted due time. You also see two possible traps in the lovely summer green grass. The spike trap, which should hurt even the plate footed character. The log wall which stop any advancing enemy, that will have to destroy it before he/she/they can get by. Perfect way to throw down some arrows don't you think?

My goal is to create a small sized game to the looks but lots of fun gaming hours. Much like "Plants vs Zombies" or perhaps "Might and magic: Clash of heroes". The content should be intriguing, fun, simple and clear. The game design should be strategic, puzzle and tempo.

More to come....
so stay tuned

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